You Can Earn a Valuable Return on Investment – IF You Do It Right

If you’ve followed these guidelines to start, grow and manage your Facebook support group with a focus on your patient’s welfare first, you’ve established a safe place. You and your support group have listened to their concerns. You’ve responded compassionately. You’ve been their lifeline and helped them through difficult times. How do they feel about you? You've built incredible trust and loyalty.


Now you can leverage that relationship appropriately, in the most comfortable way. You know what they’re worried about and what they’re looking for. Offer solutions to them by educating and inviting, not selling.

Leverage the trust you've built to share important services 


There’s a big difference in the mindset of people when they feel like they’re being sold to and when they feel that they’re being educated. 


Let’s take diabetes for example. What services do diabetics need besides medication? Introduce them to your weight loss or wellness program through a Facebook Live broadcast. Invite them to a seminar on foot care. Remind them of the importance of regular doctor appointments. Share the contact information for a physician who is accepting new patients.

If you have a new moms support group, encourage them to stay current on their child’s immunizations, keep their well child appointments, introduce them to specialists who can help manage rare diseases or complications.


When you’re evaluating your return on investment, remember the financial benefits of preventive healthcare.




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