What Does This Cost?  

Hive Strategies offers expert advice in three phases. Because we believe that Facebook groups can provide critical support for patients through difficult times, we want to help you succeed. You can purchase one, two, or all three phases.

Phase 1: Start Right


  • Help you identify the right focus for your Facebook support group.

  • Interview potential group members to identify interest.

  • Help you select the right community manager.

  • Determine whether you should establish an open or closed group.

  • Help you set up the group to avoid HIPAA violations and create a safe and welcoming environment.

  • Help you name your group.

  • Resolve any other start-up issues.


Cost: $1,500

Phase 2:  Manage and Grow Your Community Right

Provide in-depth training in: 

  • The psychology of Facebook groups. How do you meet the emotional and psychological needs of group members. There is a  huge difference between a group and a page.

  • The right way to invite members to the group. 

  • The anatomy of a post. How to connect and continue conversations, when and how to reply, and the importance of tagging members.

  • Facebook tips and tools to manage your group.

  • Moderating your group to avoid HIPAA and other problems.

  • What to do when things go sideways: angry comments, personal attacks, complaints about your hospital or clinic, suicide threats, and more.

  • Developing an ROI strategy to launch in 9-12 months.

Help manage your group for 30 days. 


Cost: $2,500



Phase 3: 90 Days Coaching


Although Phase II includes an in-depth training program with manual and detailed resources, as you engage in the day-to-day management of the community you’ll have questions about implementing your training. This phase includes unlimited phone or email consulting for 90 days following the launch of your community. We want you to be successful!


Cost: $1,000

Custom Consulting


You may have an existing Facebook support group that is not living up to its potential. Is it the wrong concept? Wrong management style? Conversations off topic? Lack of follow-through? We can help you trouble-shoot and make those essential changes that will lead to success.


Cost: Variable

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