Expert Advice for Facebook Patient Support Groups

Effective Facebook support groups connect patients with peers, information, and support for better outcomes, higher patient satisfaction, greater loyalty to your health system, and a return on your investment. Hive Strategies can show you how. 

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Help Your Patients and Your Bottom Line

When my wife was diagnosed with diabetes, she felt scared, confused, anxious and alone. Our hospital missed a big opportunity.

Start Right 

A successful Facebook support group solves a problem – for the patient and for your hospital or clinic – and is built on solid research. Here’s what you should know to start right. 

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Manage and Grow the Community Right

There is a very, very big difference between managing a Facebook page and a Facebook community. Fortunately, with the right training you can manage and grow your community with confidence.  

“I do not have any family support — physical or emotional. At times the isolation and the depression are too much to bear alone, and that's when I cry a few tears. It is receiving support from this group that is my life line.”

-Support Group Member

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Improve Your ROI

If you keep your patient’s welfare first, you can generate valuable return on investment from your community. The key is to educate, not sell. 

What Does This Cost?

Hive Strategies helps you start and manage your Facebook support group in three stages. You can purchase one, two or all three. 


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Schedule a Free Consultation

If you would like to schedule a free consultation, or just have questions, let us know. We'd love to help you start, grow and earn the rewards of a successful Facebook support group. 

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