Managing your Community with a Focus on Better Health, Lower Costs, and Greater Loyalty

We call it Return on Community. A useful, vibrant online patient community can help your patients achieve better health, reduce the cost of care, and build deeper relationships with your physicians and services. The result is a stronger health system. Through constant nurturing following proven practices, an online community is an asset that can benefit your health system for decades.

It must be done right. That’s why we offer online community management services for our healthcare clients. To engage with patients, communication needs to have real value and meet their needs for information, compassion, and community.

Why contract with Hive Strategies?

We know the strategies to involve patients, their caregivers, and families in ongoing conversations about health, wellness, prevention, and lifestyle modifications. Building these consistent relationships between patients leads them to a deeper relationship with your healthcare system, resulting in brand preference and advocacy.

Involvement in a hospital-sponsored online community that addresses a specific chronic condition or health topic will give you an opportunity to introduce patients to your physicians, programs, and health resources. Communities progress through four stages in a lifecycle, as  shown in this illustration based on the work of Richard Millington at FeverBee. FeverBeeLifecycle   We will help take you through the critical steps to grow your community.

Some important skills include the ability to interact with the target community, create great content, organize and manage online/offline events, persuade volunteers to help, market/promote/grow the community, develop the platform, and influence the community en-masse.