How We Help You Create a Successful Facebook Patient Support Group

We provide these services to help you create a successful patient community – one that your patients keep returning to for peer support, encouragement, and information about your services.

For online patient communities – often called online patient support groups – Facebook Groups provide a simple, easy-to-access platform. But a simple platform does not equal success. Three things are essential:

  • A clear understanding of whether an online patient support group is right for your hospital and your patients.
  • Setting up the online support group with guidelines that attract the right members and protect you from HIPAA violations.
  • Development of community management skills. This is critical. Community management skills are very different than Facebook page management skills.

Begin with a clear assessment

Before you invest your time and energy in a Facebook patient support group, make sure your concept is viable. We help you answer two important questions:

  • Does your group concept support a key marketing objective? Without contributing to marketing objectives you risk losing stakeholder support for the community over time.

  • Do your patients really care about this community idea? If they don’t, no amount of effort on your part will bring success. We help you find out. 

Get the logistics right from the start

Should your group be secret, closed, or public? What should you name your group for the best search results and to clearly identify your focus?  Who should manage the community? What cover photo images display best on desktop, tablet, and mobile? What’s the best wording to protect you from HIPAA violations? Where do we include that language? How many administrators should we have for the community?

During this phase we answer these questions and more.

Training: Develop the best management and monitoring skills

We provide critical training for your community manager. We can’t overstate the importance of this. Managing a community is very, very different than managing a page. A heavy hand, a know-it-all attitude, personally answering every question, bot-like responses, inattention, critical comments, and difficult members can kill a community.

Instead, we teach you how to have a party host mindset, focus on activity – not education, develop an atmosphere that encourages disclosure, let the community nurture each other, respond appropriately to negative comments, gently guide those who are out-of-line.

Then we coach you through the first 90-days of your community startup. We reinforce the theoretical training through day-to-day feedback.

Invite patients to join 

The most successful way to invite someone to join your online support group is by personal invitation. We show you the best way to extend invitations to join. Flyers, emails, newsletters, and posters can also help. We can provide templates for these printed materials and communications.

A soft launch contributes to steady growth 

We coach your community manager through the launch process. Start with a small, selected group, build activity, and add people as activity increases. Activity is much more important than numbers.

Analyze the right metrics to evaluate your success

How do you evaluate the success of your community? Facebook Group Insights and other analytics programs can help you track involvement and focus on the right metrics. We show you how.

Pricing and other questions 

Our services are remarkably affordable. Contact us for pricing or with other questions.