Why Generosity is a Smart Social Media Policy

Here’s an experience that’s been on my mind for awhile. You’ll be scratching your head at first, but if you’re patient, I think you’ll see how it ties directly to hospitals and social media.

Megan, our creative director, sent me a link to a website offering a web service I was interested in. I went to the site and discovered that they specialized in smaller accounts. Read more

Good News Travels, Bad News Travels Faster: Encouraging Patient Feedback

I once had an appointment with a doctor who was, I thought, a jerk. I sat in his office answering questions as he took notes, hardly looking up at me. Half an hour later, I left feeling hopeless and frustrated because he didn’t take my concerns seriously and simply prescribed several (expensive) medications for me to take.

So what did I do? Read more

No Facebook Page? Don’t Wait Another Day

I serve on the board of directors of my local downtown association. It is a mixed group of merchants and professionals of various ages and diverse backgrounds.

As I walked into our last board meeting, our 60+ year-old treasurer congratulated me on my daughter’s recent wedding. I was surprised that she was even aware of the event, until she explained, “I saw her photos on Facebook. She looked beautiful!” Read more