Evidence-based Cases Can Add Credibility to Healthcare Social Media

Reed Smith has a good idea. Actually, let’s call it an excellent idea.

Reed has launched the Social Health Institute, an organization whose mission is to “examine data from hospitals and healthcare organizations in such a way as to produce prescriptive processes to improve the use of social computing in healthcare.”

Reed is a social media consulting strategist and thought leader who focuses on incorporating interactive elements into current online strategies within hospitals and healthcare organizations. I first met Reed through the Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media, where he serves on the advisory board, and have been admiring his work for awhile. Read more

The Power of Blogging at Mayo Clinic’s Social Media Residency

I’m sitting in a room with 60 Social Media Residency students at the Mayo Clinic entering blog posts as part of our residency homework.

Yesterday I spoke to the group about social media strategy, and, although my friend Chris Boyer says I sound a lot like beloved Chicago baseball announcer Harry Caray (still trying to figure out whether or not that’s a compliment), it went well. Along with Reed Smith, a handful of us are social media chiefs, providing some mentoring moments for the residents.

Thankful for the leadership of Lee Aase

The Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media is a pioneer in health care social media, and I am grateful for the leadership of Lee Aase and his entire team who are working hard to model social media adoption with a constant focus on quality patient care. Read more