Wherever You Go, There You Are: Geolocation in Hospital Social Media

flickr: St_A_Sh

My husband is the mayor of our wonderful local bookstore, Third Street Books. Oh, and he’s also the mayor of Oil Can Henry’s, the local library, Thai restaurant (yum!), aquatic center, Golden Valley Brew Pup, fabulous Red Fox Bakery, and our daughter’s Montessori school, among many others.

If you’re wondering why or how in the world my husband would have a random honorary position with local businesses, you’re probably not familiar with Foursquare, a geolocation app that allows people to check in just about anywhere. Users can earn mayoral statuses, badges and points (which can lead to free or discounted goodies) and leave reviews for the venue, whether a restaurant, retail store or, yes, hospital. Other geolocation apps are Gowalla and Brightkite, while Facebook Places and Google Places also draw on the idea of letting friends know where you are or finding recommended businesses based on location. One of my favorite apps, Instagram, lets you share beautiful pictures and offers you the option of revealing your location, which most of my friends do indeed choose to do. Read more

When Your Facebook Page Becomes a Place for Requesting Medical Advice

I recently read an article from the Wall Street Journal of  “More Than Two-Thirds of United States Consumers Seek Medical Advice Via the Internet and Social Media.” When I first read it, I wasn’t surprised to see that they seek it through the Internet, but I was surprised to see social media in the headline.

Social media a source for medical advice? Really? Read more

How I Manage my Twitter Account in 40 Minutes Per Day

Last week I wrote a blog post about how to manage your social media campaign without feeling overwhelmed. And as helpful as I hope it was, I thought I would connect it to practical application by sharing how I manage my Twitter account in 40 minutes per day.

When I started my Twitter account, it was overwhelming. I wasn’t sure what to start tweeting, when I should tweet, who I should follow or how I would gain followers. But I decided to jump in without worrying about “doing it right,” and as a result I have a daily schedule that has made managing my account well, manageable! Read more

Grab the Tums; Let’s Have a Conversation

By Jean Kelso Sandlin, Senior Strategist

If just thinking about the possibilities of adopting social media for your hospital gives you indigestion­–so many possibilities, so little time–get ready to grab the Tums. Brian Solis and Jess3 just introduced the updated version of The Conversation Prism 3.0. It’s a visual map of the social media landscape organized to indicate where the function of specific social media tools intersects with business purposes – such as sales, marketing, public relations, and crisis management. Read more