Tweet Chats 101: What They Are and Why You Should Participate

Every Friday from 10 to 11 a.m. west coast time, my Twitter feed lights up with Tweets referencing #hcmktg, signaling to me that the weekly healthcare social media marketing Tweet chat has started.

If you haven’t heard of a Tweet chat, it’s a lot like a chat room within Twitter. Tweet chats use a pre-determined hashtag to engage a group of people in a real-time conversation at a specified time. To participate in the chat, all you have to do is create a new column in your TweetDeck, Hootsuite or other feature like TweetChat, and track the specific hashtag. Then, when you want to participate, all you have to do is Tweet using that hashtag and anyone else participating in that chat can read and respond to your Tweet.

It is important to know that a Twitter chat is different than simply using a hashtag to label one of your Tweets. It is real time. For example, if you choose to add the hashtag #hcmktg to one of your Tweets on a Tuesday morning, it will not show up in the Tweet chat on Friday. Read more

Step #7: Selecting the Best Social Media Channels to Reach Your Goals

This blog is part seven of an eight-part series on launching your hospital’s social media strategy.

Now that you have established your goals, it’s time to select the best platforms to help you meet those goals.

As Megan pointed out in Step #6 The Dead Man in the Doorway: Establishing Clear Goals When Implementing Hospital Media, it is important that you do not simply open a social media account for every platform just because it’s available. Deciding which social media channel you are going to use is just as important as the goals you have. If you don’t use the right method to get your message out, nobody is going to hear it. Read more

Fight Negative Comments With Authenticity

In social media, a buzz word is “authenticity.” In simple terms, authenticity means being genuine, which we all know is important. But in social media, authenticity is everything. You have to be transparent, honest and genuine in any situation.

Authenticity is easy when things are going well, but then what happens when someone posts a less-than-positive comment about your hospital, its services or your employees on their blog, Facebook page or Twitter account? Or what if a major event, such as a confidentiality breach, or a staffing mistake puts patients at risk at your hospital? Read more

Grab the Tums; Let’s Have a Conversation

By Jean Kelso Sandlin, Senior Strategist

If just thinking about the possibilities of adopting social media for your hospital gives you indigestion­–so many possibilities, so little time–get ready to grab the Tums. Brian Solis and Jess3 just introduced the updated version of The Conversation Prism 3.0. It’s a visual map of the social media landscape organized to indicate where the function of specific social media tools intersects with business purposes – such as sales, marketing, public relations, and crisis management. Read more