Come-From-Behind Social Media Coaching for Hospitals

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This weekend I went to my university’s football game.

It was a particularly important game for the team for several reasons: 1) It was the first game in our new privately funded $9 million stadium (and the first home game ever under the lights)  … which added fanfare and attention; 2) the team wanted to keep their 12-consectutive home-game winning streak alive; and 3) Our 20th ranked team had to knock-off the 13th ranked team to have any hope at a playoff bid.

The opponents scored two touchdowns in the first eight minutes of the game, and by halftime we were down a disappointing 0-24. As you can probably guess, I would not be telling this story if it didn’t have somewhat of a fairytale ending. Read more

Hospitals: Just Say No to Google+

Google launched Google+ a few weeks ago as a serious competitor to Facebook. Ten million people signed on in the first two weeks! The social media world was in a flurry to receive invitations and chime in about the newest contender for social media stardom.

Social media guru Chris Brogan spent 250 hours immersed in Google+ and published a relatively brief (770 words), mostly positive summary on Forbes.

One of my favorite social media thinkers and prolific writers, Brian Solis, wrote 3,272 words analyzing Google+ on his blog. Read more

3 High Touch Ideas to Inspire Your Hospital Social Media

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John Naisbitt, Nana Naisbitt and Douglas Phillips wrote High Tech High Touch: Technology and Our Accelerated Search for Meaning a decade ago.

Today our social media efforts seem to be obsessed with high tech. We’re constantly talking about which platforms, what metrics and the “how to” of social media. High touch is getting short shrift, and that’s just not right.

Remember, people, that social media is all about building communities, and that just isn’t going to happen unless we understand the emotional needs of our community and connect with them on that level. Technology is just a tool.

Here are three high touch ideas from Brian Solis, Oprah and Philo of Alexandria to inspire you. Read more

A Kinder, Gentler “Engage or Die” for the C-Suite

In one of my previous blog posts, I talked about how to use the familiarity of public relations to nudge hesitant CEOs into social media.

I know some of you have had more success than others. If you are still lobbying (and because about ¾ of you hospitals are still not using social media, I know you are out there!) and don’t feel like you have the type of C-Suite relationship where you can utter Brian Solis’ fight song for social media, “Engage or Die!” then you might want to try passing along a link to Erik Qualman’s kindler, gentler four-minute video (or show it at your next meeting). Read more

Clear Social Media Policies and Guidelines: Essential to Your Success

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In our ebook: “8 Steps to Launch a Successful Hospital Social Media Strategy,” the first task is to draft an internal social media policy. A sound policy helps avoid embarrassing and harmful mistakes and is also a key step in avoiding HIPAA violations.

Social Media pioneer Brian Solis recently listed 25 rules of social media engagement. Some of these rules fit nicely into an internal social media policy. I’ve taken ten of his rules and adapted them for hospital use. Read more