How Doctors Can Avoid Social Media HIPAA Violations: It’s Not Rocket Science

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The case of a Rhode Island physician fired and fined for violating HIPAA regulations on her personal Facebook page may have the unfortunate effect of discouraging some hospitals from embracing social media.

It shouldn’t. By following simple steps, the physician and hospital could have avoided the entire fiasco.

Here is what we know. According to the Boston Globe:

Dr. Alexandra Thran, 48, was fired from the hospital last year and reprimanded by the state medical board last week. The hospital took away her privileges to work in the emergency room for posting information online about a trauma patient.

Thran’s posting did not include the patient’s name, but she wrote enough that others in the community could identify the patient, according to a board filing. Thran, who did not return calls for comment yesterday, also was fined $500. Read more

A Lesson for Physician Bloggers: Let Your Passion Show Through

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I read a blog post by Richard Young, MD, on the blog KevinMD last week that really stuck with me. The post is titled “Why I love being a family physician,” and it is genuinely heartwarming.

What I like most about physician and health care blogging is that in most blogs I can sense the author’s passion through the words he or she writes. Blogs like Seattle Mama Doc, 33 Charts and Reflections of a Grady Doc are just a few examples of physicians whose passion for their work and dedication to patients is clear in their blogs. Read more

Thanks, Dr. V, for a Powerful Reminder About Healthcare Social Media

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In the world of social media, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the mechanics. We talk about tools and monitoring and statistics and likes and followers and comments and impressions and time management – the bones, so to speak.

Every once in awhile something comes along and stops you in your tracks, something that adds muscles and nerves and flesh and blood.

A recent blogpost by Bryan Vartabedian, MD, at 33 charts did just that to me. Dr. V was writing about hypocrisy and social media research, but it was his advice to “live in the space” that grabbed me by the shoulders and looked me square in the eye. Here it is: Read more

First Impressions Matter in Hospital Blogs

Earlier this week I wrote about some of my favorite blogs as a source of inspiration and a cure for writer’s block.  So today I thought I’d go into detail as to why I think these blogs are so outstanding.

At Hive Strategies, we talk a lot about content and how important it is, which is true. If your blog isn’t informative, narrative, interesting or well-written, chances are nobody will want to read it.

But what we don’t talk a lot about is design. Design is just as important because it provides a first impression of your blog. I’ve come across many blogs that probably have great content, but their design isn’t user-friendly, and so therefore I’m not as interested in sticking around and reading it. Read more