A Song of Understanding: The Music Video Explainer as a Hospital Social Media Tool

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I’m a child of the “Schoolhouse Rock” era.  Catchy music videos with words like, “conjunction junction, what’s your function? Hooking up words and phrases and clauses,” explained everything from grammar usage, multiplication tables, to how our system of government works.  The music videos made learning new concepts memorable and enjoyable.

This educational music video model is regaining popularity as one of the latest social media content tools.  The short, catchy music videos with an educational purpose are an emerging form of explainers. Sites like Explainer Music and Explainer.net highlight this new genre and provide models for new content. Read more

Is Social Media Reminding Your Communities To Dislike Hospitals?

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Okay, full disclosure. I don’t like hospitals. I appreciate the kind people who work in hospitals and the healing that transpires there, but I still would rather not visit one. I’m with Chris Boyer on that. Dan Hinmon blogged about a conversation he had with Boyer. According to Hinmon, Boyer admitted that due to his type 1 diabetes, “my whole life is actively trying to stay out of a hospital.”

I’m not sure about Boyer, but what bothers me the most about hospitals is the scary beeping equipment, masked people, the potential of needles having to be placed in a vein, and the hallways where I always seem to run into a person in scrubs pushing a patient down the hall on a stretcher. Read more

The Story Behind That Viral Video of Mayo Clinic’s Piano-Playing Octogenarians

Marlow and Fran Cowan at Wednesday's performance for the Social Media Health Network. Credit: Mayo Clinic

Ohio residents Fran and Marlow Cowan were visiting Mayo Clinic for care when they discovered a grand piano sitting alone in the center of the hospital’s mammoth Gondo Atrium.

An orchestra had performed in the atrium the day before, and a crew was scheduled to retrieve the piano later.

They couldn’t resist playing a tune, and it was so entertaining that a woman in the atrium, Jodi Hume, video-taped the number and uploaded it to YouTube. Mayo’s public affairs team found the video, put the word out, and it went viral, leading to an appearance for the Cowans on Good Morning America. Read more

Mayo Clinic Promotes Heart Health With Tommy Tutone Video Parody

Lee Aase addresses a crowded ballroom

In his keynote address Tuesday at the Mayo Ragan Third Annual Healthcare Social Media Summit, Lee Aase outlined six key lessons Mayo Clinic has learned while implementing social media.

Aase is chancellor of Social Media University, Global (SMUG) and Director of the Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media. He spoke to about 400 attendees from 38 states and 4 countries in the Kahler Grand Hotel ballroom.

These key lessons can apply to any hospital or healthcare organization launching social media: Read more

Top Social Media Stories You May Have Missed This Week

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The social media wars have really heated up this week. Google+ and Facebook are battling it out David and Goliath style. Here are some articles about that (and a few other topics) that you might have missed this week.

Facebook Changes Again, Everything You Need to Know

Yesterday Facebook announced a number of dramatic changes to its pages, and this roundup by Mashable spells out the details. It’s clear that Facebook will continue to evolve, which means hospitals will need to pay attention to keep up. Read more