Exploring Free Tools for Social Media Sentiment Analysis in Healthcare

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I remember the old days of media monitoring (notice I did not say the good old days) when sentiment was measured through press clippings.

As archaic as it seems today, one of my jobs as an undergraduate college intern was sorting and measuring the monthly press clips that were delivered in a large envelope from the university’s clipping service. I would measure the column inches and decide if the story was positive, negative or neutral. I added up the column inches by sentiment to provide the director with a “sentiment analysis” on the coverage of each story.

Today, companies have expanded their monitoring to online conversations and replaced those interns with sophisticated media monitoring and analysis tools. Read more

Hospitals: Five Mistaken Beliefs that Lead to Social Media HIPAA Violations

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Whether they host social media sites or not, most US hospitals have realized how important it is to develop social media policies for their employees.

But a quick Google search shows that the majority of HIPAA violations related to social media – at least those reported in the media – don’t take place on official healthcare social media sites at all. Instead, they’re posted on personal Facebook pages and Twitter accounts.

What were they thinking? Read more

Is Social Media Reminding Your Communities To Dislike Hospitals?

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Okay, full disclosure. I don’t like hospitals. I appreciate the kind people who work in hospitals and the healing that transpires there, but I still would rather not visit one. I’m with Chris Boyer on that. Dan Hinmon blogged about a conversation he had with Boyer. According to Hinmon, Boyer admitted that due to his type 1 diabetes, “my whole life is actively trying to stay out of a hospital.”

I’m not sure about Boyer, but what bothers me the most about hospitals is the scary beeping equipment, masked people, the potential of needles having to be placed in a vein, and the hallways where I always seem to run into a person in scrubs pushing a patient down the hall on a stretcher. Read more

Open Access: A Budget-Friendly Tactic to Build Hospital Social Media Content and Credibility

New health-related research can stir up a frenzy of interest on social media platforms (think of how recently antioxidants or probiotics entered the general public’s vocabulary). When a new finding is reported, social media platforms buzz and hospitals often field calls from reporters seeking physician experts to comment on the latest findings.

Although there are many attributes of social media, one drawback is the difficulty in assessing the credibility of health information due, in part, to the vast amount available on the web.

The public is hungry for credible sources of health information. Using Open Access resources is a cost-effective way to locate new health-related information and use it to engage communities and build your hospital’s reputation as a credible go-to social media source.  Read more