Trust me. Hospitals should adopt social media.

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Brace yourself for yet another defense of social media. Once your C-Suite supervisors hear about the McDonald’s social media Mcfailure, you’ll be dusting off the presentation and seeking out new ammunition for yet another attempt at convincing them that this new media is here to stay and that your hospital needs to adopt it.

Lucky for us, Edelman is helping us reload with their just released Trust Barometer for 2012. The report shows a 75% increase in the public’s trust of social media, as well as other key findings that are useful as you integrate social media into your hospital’s marketing efforts. Read more

Hospitals: How to Fix a Social Media Mistake

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In the fast-paced world of social media, it’s bound to happen. You send a personal tweet from your hospital’s Twitter account instead of your own. Or you post something on Facebook that you later realize was short-sighted or easy to misinterpret. Or there’s always that unfortunate typo.

How do you fix a social media mistake?

Obviously, the best solution is not to make a mistake in the first place. But the fact is that, in spite of our best efforts, we are human and mistakes are going to happen. By planning ahead for the inevitable, you’ll be able to act responsibly and move ahead. Read more

Hospital CEOs: Tough Talk on Social Media

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Okay, Mr. or Mrs. Hospital CEO. It’s time to man up. We know you’re afraid of social media. But it’s time to drag that bogeyman out of the closet and take a cold hard look at him in the light of day. What exactly are you afraid of? Come on, say it. Read more

Step #3: Bring Your Hospital Leadership and Evangelists to the Table

This blog is part three of an eight-part series on launching your hospital’s social media strategy.

So you’ve completed Step #1 and Step #2 of launching your hospital’s social media policy.

You’ve developed a clear internal social media policy so employees know exactly what they should and should not do on their own social media platforms. And you’ve set up online monitoring tools and spent a few weeks listening to what your patients and community members are saying about your hospital.

Now it’s time to bring your hospital leadership and evangelists to the table to develop your hospital’s social media strategy. Read more

With Social Media, Bad News Travels…Instantly

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I’m frustrated and angry with my doctor’s office at the moment. I’ve been trying to get some clarification on the cost of a procedure I’m scheduled for, and they’re not being helpful. At all. I’ve become more confused with each conversation.

Like most people, I feel better once I express my feelings of frustration with others. It’s a way to get validation and then move on. And in the days before the Internet, we simply told a few friends why we were angry and, while they may have told a few more people, it only reached a handful of people.
Read more