Trust me. Hospitals should adopt social media.

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Brace yourself for yet another defense of social media. Once your C-Suite supervisors hear about the McDonald’s social media Mcfailure, you’ll be dusting off the presentation and seeking out new ammunition for yet another attempt at convincing them that this new media is here to stay and that your hospital needs to adopt it.

Lucky for us, Edelman is helping us reload with their just released Trust Barometer for 2012. The report shows a 75% increase in the public’s trust of social media, as well as other key findings that are useful as you integrate social media into your hospital’s marketing efforts. Read more

A “Pulse-Check” for Your Hospital’s Social Media

High-tech but "pulse-free"

In the article Seven Deadly Sins of Business Storytelling, written by Jennifer Aaker and Andy Smith, the fourth sin is termed “Pulse-Free.” In their explanation, the authors write, “People connect with other people, so make sure you focus on the real-life characters of your story. It doesn’t matter if your organization designs computer hardware or sells medical devices, human beings are still driving the action.”

In hospitals, many of our services are attached to technology – the new open MRIs, SmartArc technology for more precise radiation treatments, digital mammography, lightspeed CTs… the list goes on. Read more

Step #8: Define Social Media Success

This blog is part eight of an eight-part series on launching your hospital’s social media strategy.

Congratulations! Now that you’ve listened to the chatter, built your internal support team, ensured that your efforts are HIPAA compliant, set a sound strategy that leverages your marketing objectives and selected your social media channels, you’re ready to launch!

How will you know if you’re successful? Read more

Planning Your Social Media Strategy? Ask Your Patients!

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When you develop your social media strategy for your hospital, be sure to ask this important question: What do our patients want?

After all, patients are the reason you create a social media plan for your hospital. You want to engage them, educate them and communicate with them, so one important step is understanding what your patients want. Read more

What Is Your Smart Phone Marketing Strategy?

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The Pew Internet Project’s latest survey of American adults points to the ongoing growth of cell phone use to track and manage health issues and to research health information.

• 17% of cell owners have used their phone to look up health or medical information and 29% of cell owners ages 18-29 have done such searches.

• 9% of cell owners have software applications or “apps” on their phones that help them track or manage their health. Some 15% of those ages 18-29 have such apps. Read more