Attention Doctors: Social Media Really Can Make Your Life Easier

Editor’s Note: This is the fourth in a series of blog posts about Dr. Jeff Livingston, an OB/GYN who got hooked on social media when his teenage daughter suggested he launch a My Space page to reach out to high school students who had questions about pregnancy and STDs.

Flckr: CSA

Flckr: CSA

MacArthur OB/GYN is an Irving, TX, medical practice that uses Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, 4Square, Pinterest and HealthTap to engage with patients.

Most providers ask, “How can they possibly have time to include all that social media in their practice?” Read more

Social Media: Pinch Hitting Medical Home Runs

With discussions of healthcare reform permeating our hospitals and clinics, I’ve been on a quest to read “success stories” to gain insight into how organizations have achieved improved care with reduced costs.

My quest uncovered an article in Health Affairs by Arnold Milstein and Elizabeth Gilbertson who highlighted four care sites in the United States that constituted “medical home runs” because their patients incurred 15-20% less spending than patients treated by regional peers, without evidence of reduced quality. Read more

The Aruba Chronicles: Best Practices in Health Care Social Media

ArubaSmThis week I’m in Aruba presenting to physicians, certified nurse midwives and nurse practitioners at the Symposia Medicus 17th Annual Conference on Clinical Issues in OB/GYN.

Thanks to a great client, Lisa Miller, CNM, JD, and Jim Goodrich, executive director of Symposia Medicus, for helping to make this happen. And thanks to the 140 providers who will attend the conference who have motivated me to sharpen my thinking as I’ve developed presentations on the critical role social media can play for OB/GYN health care professionals.

I have long felt that expecting and new moms comprise one of the most natural of all healthcare communities, and this conference is a perfect time to help these providers understand the amazing opportunities available to them. Read more

Hospitals: Four Steps To Manage Your Social Media in 10 Hours a Week

If you have been half-heartedly dabbling in social media for your hospital or clinic, I have some important news for you: It’s time to get in or get out.

I understand that your day is already packed with too much to do, and that you’ve been trying to squeeze in social media wherever it will fit. But a sloppy approach to social media doesn’t help anybody. You’re never going to build the vibrant community you want, and it just feels crummy to know you’re doing sub-par work. Read more

This Book’s For You

If you are new to health care social media and wonder why to even get involved, this book’s for you.

If you are involved with health care social media and want inspiration, this book’s for you.

If you need to make a case for health care social media to your organization, this book’s for you.

The book is Bringing the Social Media Revolution to Health Care, and it’s just been released by Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media. It’s a series of essays written by 30 thought leaders in health care social media. I’m fortunate enough to be one of the contributors. Read more