Could Quora Be Good for Your Hospital?

There’s a lot of buzz surrounding Quora – a new social media tool that allows members to ask and answer questions.

This month we’re going to take a close look at Quora. What exactly is it? How does it work? Can it help hospitals engage with patients? If so, what might be the best way to use it? Read more

Leveraging a Quick Response for Social Media Strategy: QR Codes and Readers

QR Code
In healthcare, technology and marketing go hand-in-hand. Think of how recent technologies opened up new marketing opportunities: arthroscopy, open MRIs, digital mammography – all had ramifications for widening our audience and changing the messages we shared about our services. A new technology that has the potential to open up new opportunities in terms of distributing and sharing information and engaging patients is the QR Code.

What is a QR code?

A QR code, short for “quick response” code, is similar to a bar code except it can be easily read by mobile phones and can store much more information, like URL links, text, phone numbers and geo-coordinates. The barcode-like data matrix consists of a pattern of black squares on a white background, with larger squares at three corners. The white border is part of the code. Read more

Use an Old Dog to Introduce New Tricks: How PR Plans Can Nudge Hesitant CEOs to Accept Social Media

Photo: Familymwr

How many times have you broached the topic of social media with your CEO and you could almost feel the block wall being built as you spoke the words? Many hospital CEOs are hesitant to undertake social media initiatives, and for some valid reasons.

Hospital CEOs voice many concerns: Can they engage in social media and still be in compliance with HIPAA? Will the new task take too much time away from an already busy staff? Will social networking sites, like Facebook, become distractions and whittle away productivity? Will an older population–which is a high percentage of patients–ever use social media? And we’ve all heard the stories about that maverick employee blogger who disclosed information that the hospital wasn’t ready to disclose. The concerns surrounding social media are many and, if you are working for a hesitant CEO, you’ve heard those and probably a few more. Read more

Delivering Satisfaction: Social Media Opportunities in Birthing Centers

Babies are high involvement

In marketing practices, we discriminate between low involvement products (like selecting tuna off a grocery shelf) and high involvement products (like purchasing a new car). High involvement products give us more opportunities to engage the customer, establish a strong brand presence and foster loyalty. In healthcare, we also have low involvement and high involvement services. A birth of a baby is as “high involvement” as they come. No other healthcare service offers greater potential for bonding a family to your hospital than the birth of their child.

Read more