Hospitals: Four Steps To Manage Your Social Media in 10 Hours a Week

If you have been half-heartedly dabbling in social media for your hospital or clinic, I have some important news for you: It’s time to get in or get out.

I understand that your day is already packed with too much to do, and that you’ve been trying to squeeze in social media wherever it will fit. But a sloppy approach to social media doesn’t help anybody. You’re never going to build the vibrant community you want, and it just feels crummy to know you’re doing sub-par work. Read more

Exploring Free Tools for Social Media Sentiment Analysis in Healthcare

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I remember the old days of media monitoring (notice I did not say the good old days) when sentiment was measured through press clippings.

As archaic as it seems today, one of my jobs as an undergraduate college intern was sorting and measuring the monthly press clips that were delivered in a large envelope from the university’s clipping service. I would measure the column inches and decide if the story was positive, negative or neutral. I added up the column inches by sentiment to provide the director with a “sentiment analysis” on the coverage of each story.

Today, companies have expanded their monitoring to online conversations and replaced those interns with sophisticated media monitoring and analysis tools. Read more

How One Children’s Hospital Used Social Media to Deal with the Unthinkable


Last Friday, February 17, highly-respected Doernbecher Children’s Hospital in Portland, Oregon, called a news conference to address the unthinkable.

A male nurse in the hospital’s pediatric intensive care unit had been charged with downloading and distributing child pornography.

Doernbecher did all the right things. They issued a news release, held a news conference, posted Frequently Asked Questions regarding the case on their website, set up a telephone hotline for anyone who had questions and mailed 10,000 letters to families whose children had been treated at the hospital during the time the nurse was employed. Read more

My Favorite Hive Strategies Social Media Blogposts from 2011

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This is Hive Strategies blogpost number 188 for 2011. Last week I blogged about the top 10 most-visited Hive Strategies blogposts of 2011. This post focuses on my favorites from 2011. As I’ve skimmed through the year, these ten blogposts seem to capture the range of thinking from our team – some practical, some theoretical, some passionate.

Hope you find something here that sparks your interest and makes your social media efforts a little better in 2012.

Merriest of holidays to you all! Read more

What I Wish I Said About Hospital Social Media at #HCOC11

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I had a great time attending the fall conference of Healthcare Communicators of Oregon on Friday. This is a good group of professionals who gathered to learn and share ideas about a range of healthcare communication issues

I enjoyed sitting in on the discussions about social media. There is no pioneering Mayo Clinic or Swedish in Oregon. Hospitals are feeling their way. It was an interesting mix of optimism, curiosity, frustration and apprehension. I contributed how I could, but left feeling I hadn’t really said it as well as I could have.

Here’s what I wish I’d said: Read more