Hospitals: Five Mistaken Beliefs that Lead to Social Media HIPAA Violations

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Whether they host social media sites or not, most US hospitals have realized how important it is to develop social media policies for their employees.

But a quick Google search shows that the majority of HIPAA violations related to social media – at least those reported in the media – don’t take place on official healthcare social media sites at all. Instead, they’re posted on personal Facebook pages and Twitter accounts.

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Likeability + Credibility Make Nurses Natural Bloggers

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For years, one of our hospital clients asked us to write a patient-friendly article about their patient satisfaction reports so they could publish it in their community magazine.

Year after year, I searched the reports for a new angle so the article would not read like the prior year’s article. However, the truth was, except for the years when the hospital was undergoing construction or unveiling new construction, the reports were similar. Patients usually felt they waited too long in emergency rooms, the food could always be better and the doctors were good, but the nursing staff was great.

When the nursing care was perceived as good, patients were happy and their satisfaction survey reflected that. When they perceived the nursing care as not good, overall satisfaction scores suffered. The most common types of comments on those satisfaction surveys…you guessed it…gushing about nurses. Patients love them. Patients even remembered the names of their nurses when they wrote about them in their survey comments. Read more

Navigating the Waters of HIPAA and Negativity in Social Media

Last week I spoke to the Healthcare Public Relations and Marketing Association (HPRMA) of Southern California on “Navigating the Waters of HIPAA and Negativity in Social Media.”

Jeff Merkow, senior partner at The Identity Group, an advertising firm specializing in healthcare, extended the invitation and was a great host. We met at the beautiful Old Ranch Country Club in Seal Beach. Flying from Oregon, where it was raining buckets, into the 70+ degrees, blue-sky world of Southern California was quite the bonus. Read more

My Favorite Hive Strategies Social Media Blogposts from 2011

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This is Hive Strategies blogpost number 188 for 2011. Last week I blogged about the top 10 most-visited Hive Strategies blogposts of 2011. This post focuses on my favorites from 2011. As I’ve skimmed through the year, these ten blogposts seem to capture the range of thinking from our team – some practical, some theoretical, some passionate.

Hope you find something here that sparks your interest and makes your social media efforts a little better in 2012.

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Social Media Stories You May Have Missed This Week

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Today we launch a new Friday blog theme. It’s a short collection of news, information and tips from the world of hospital social media. This is certainly not exhaustive. I’ll pick 4 or 5 (or 6) articles that grab my attention each week and share brief summaries here. You can click through for all the details.

Twitter Releases Web Analytics Tool

This article from Mashable announces Twitter’s new web analytics tool designed to give website owners more data on Twitter integration. It’s in beta testing now and only available to a few companies, but Twitter should roll it out in the next few weeks. Read more