Authentic, like me: A key to successful hospital blogs

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As those of you who are regular readers of Hive’s blog may know, I’ve been writing my dissertation and plan to complete my doctoral program this spring (can you hear the sigh of relief from my husband and children!). My research deals with authenticity in blogs.

The more I study blogs, the more convinced I am that they are one of the most influential strategy tools for any organization, and have particular potential in healthcare and with hospitals. Read more

Authentically Stupid: A Twitter Lesson for Healthcare from the Celebrity Sector

Where I live, in Southern California, it is hard to avoid celebrity news (a term I use loosely). It’s partly because the entertainment industry fuels it, and partly because the media is always near-by to photograph it.

So it’s no wonder that even though I have negligible interest in celebrity media, I heard about Ashton Kutcher’s Twitter gaffe. Kutcher tweeted a defense of Penn State Coach Joe Paterno (although he said it was before he knew the whole story regarding the child abuse scandal). Read more

What I Wish I Said About Hospital Social Media at #HCOC11

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I had a great time attending the fall conference of Healthcare Communicators of Oregon on Friday. This is a good group of professionals who gathered to learn and share ideas about a range of healthcare communication issues

I enjoyed sitting in on the discussions about social media. There is no pioneering Mayo Clinic or Swedish in Oregon. Hospitals are feeling their way. It was an interesting mix of optimism, curiosity, frustration and apprehension. I contributed how I could, but left feeling I hadn’t really said it as well as I could have.

Here’s what I wish I’d said: Read more

Hospitals: How to Fix a Social Media Mistake

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In the fast-paced world of social media, it’s bound to happen. You send a personal tweet from your hospital’s Twitter account instead of your own. Or you post something on Facebook that you later realize was short-sighted or easy to misinterpret. Or there’s always that unfortunate typo.

How do you fix a social media mistake?

Obviously, the best solution is not to make a mistake in the first place. But the fact is that, in spite of our best efforts, we are human and mistakes are going to happen. By planning ahead for the inevitable, you’ll be able to act responsibly and move ahead. Read more

Farewell: 5 Social Media Lessons I’ve Learned as Social Media Mentor

Kelly Merrick

Well, folks, this is my final blog post on behalf of Hive Strategies. I’ve taken a new job and am moving to Portland, Oregon, with my husband Josh.

I have really enjoyed my position as Social Media Mentor for Hive Strategies, especially being able to help our clients navigate through the social media world.

I have also learned a lot through the blogs I have written and read, and thought that it would be an appropriate time to share some of the most important things I’ve learned about social media. Read more