Every bariatric surgery program in America should sponsor an online patient community

I don’t know why every bariatric surgery program in America isn’t sponsoring an online patient community. Online communities are proven to build tremendous loyalty when they offer real value, and people considering, waiting for, and recovering from bariatric surgery are the perfect target audience. Here’s why. Bariatric patients are researchers The average bariatric surgery patient […]

The Value of Building Tiny Habits in Online Patient Communities

Are you looking for a method to motivate members of your online patient communities to make changes in their lives? Consider the power of tiny habits. Professor BJ Fogg, Ph.D., has spent a lifetime studying how human behavior works. He directs the Persuasive Technology Lab at Stanford University and works to create systems that change […]

Start your online patient community on the right foot

There’s little incentive for your patients to join a ghost-town community. That’s why it’s critical to develop a vibrant community before you promote it.  Your first goal at the launch of an online patient community is to achieve a critical mass of activity. You’ll know you’ve reached critical mass when the community becomes self-sustaining. We define self-sustaining as […]

20 essential questions to ask potential members of your online patient community

Too many online patient communities are created without the right preliminary research. The result? A ghost town.  You can avoid that disaster by interviewing 20-30 potential members of the community first. In the interviews you have three important objectives: Identify competition. Find out what patients’ online interests and habits are. Determine who could be founding […]