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If you’re considering starting an online patient community, this webinar is for you!

Are you considering launching an online patient community but aren’t sure where to start? Would you like to know: the critical research you must complete before you launch your community?  the biggest mistake most new communities make — and how to avoid it?  how to tell if your stakeholders are really on board?  If so, this webinar is […]

Write a 250-word blogpost using 7-10 word sentences?

During yesterday’s Social Media Residency at Mayo Clinic, community manager Meredith Gould challenged us to write blogposts from 250-400 words in length with 7-10 word sentences.  Clearly I’ve already failed on the sentence length. That opening sentence was 28 words (is 250-400 one word or two?). But her point is well-taken. Content for community should […]

Every Bariatric Surgery Program in America Should Sponsor an Online Patient Community

I don’t know why every bariatric surgery program in America isn’t sponsoring an online patient community. Online communities are proven to build tremendous loyalty when they offer real value, and people considering, waiting for, and recovering from bariatric surgery are the perfect target audience. Here’s why. Bariatric patients are researchers The average bariatric surgery patient […]