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How to Develop a Thriving Facebook Patient Community

Yesterday I presented How to Develop a Thriving Facebook Community to an enthusiastic group at the Healthcare Communicators of Oregon fall conference.  KJ McAllister, HCO president, and her board organized a strong lineup, including a panel of Portland-area media all stars from Portland Busines Journal, the Columbian, and NPR; Mayo Clinic Director of Social and Digitial […]

Why hospitals use Facebook groups to help patients help each other

According to popular lore, when the famous criminal Willie Sutton was asked why he robbed banks, he answered: “Because that’s where the money is.”  When hospitals are asked why they start a Facebook patient community, a common answer is: “Because that’s where the people are.” One of the toughest challenges for new patient communities is getting […]

Every bariatric surgery program in America should sponsor an online patient community

I don’t know why every bariatric surgery program in America doesn’t sponsor an online patient community. Online communities are proven to build tremendous loyalty when they offer real value, and people considering, waiting for, and recovering from bariatric surgery are the perfect target audience. Here’s why. Bariatric patients are researchers The average bariatric surgery patient […]

20 essential questions to ask potential members of your Facebook patient community

Too many online patient communities are created without the right preliminary research. The result? A ghost town.  You can avoid that disaster by interviewing 5-10 potential members of the community first. In the interviews you have three important objectives: Identify competition. Find out what patients’ online interests and habits are. Determine who could be founding […]