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Study: The striking difference between managed and unmanaged online patient communities

Our partner Dan Dunlop at Jennings posts a fascinating study on the difference between managed and unmanaged online communities.  It’s the story of two online communities, launched within seven months of each other. These communities are sponsored by hospitals located in the same region of the country, only 49 miles apart. One of the online communities has […]

Before you launch an online patient community, get out of your healthcare box

There are plenty of online patient communities in healthcare, but most of them are sponsored by national associations or supported in part by sharing data with pharmaceuticals. For a number of reasons, health systems have been slow to develop these branded online platforms. But in the product and service worlds online communities are thriving all […]

Two simple tips can help you dramatically Increase the participation rate of your new online community members

One of the top goals of successful online communities is to engage new members to keep them coming back. Research shows that two specific tips can significantly increase the return rate of community members. That’s part of the message Paul Resnick shared in a recent webinar sponsored by FeverBee, the online community Guide. Resnick is […]