How to create a thriving HIPAA-compliant online patient community

If you’re thinking about launching an online patient community, here is what you must know first – and how Hive Strategies can help.

Most online communities fail

Without proper preparation and active management, Gartner says “be ready for the community to fail.”

Successful online communities can provide remarkable benefits to hospitals and health systems

Evidence-based market research has shown that successful online patient communities can:

  • Increase loyalty, elicit strong emotional connections, and significantly reduce switching to other health systems.
  • Promote recommended behavior.
  • Fill important gaps in supportive care.
  • Increase patient engagement, empowerment and well-being.

As we move from fee-for-service to population management, online communities can play a significant role in helping your patients achieve better health at lower costs while developing greater loyalty to your physicians and hospitals.

There is a proven pathway to online community success

Hive Strategies helps clients create successful online patient communities through a Discovery process that includes extensive interviews and research and answers 5 essential questions:

  • What business or marketing challenge will my online community help me solve?
  • What is the unique position of my community?
  • What are the objectives for my community, including clear, measurable outcomes and timelines?
  • Are key stakeholders on board?
  • What resources are necessary for my community to succeed?

A Roadmap to Online Community Success

After completing the Discovery process, we provide:

  • A detailed community profile of who should join the community, how they would join, why they would join, and what will keep them coming back.
  • Specific marketing strategies to drive awareness of and enrollment in the community.
  • A resource plan, including specific people and budgets that will be committed to the community.
  • Specific benefits to your hospital or health system, patients, caregivers or family members.
  • A list of specific, measurable community outcomes.

Contact Dan Hinmon at 503-435-8346 for specific ways we can help you create a thriving online patient community. 

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