What is the most exciting innovation in health care today?

Join me and my friend and business partner Dan Dunlop for a free webinar titled People to People: Improve health, build loyalty, and personalize your marketing with online patient communities on March 11 at 1 pm Eastern/10 am Pacific. 

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Find out why health research expert Susannah Fox says “the most exciting innovation in health care today is people talking to one another.”

Provide support, share ideas, and problem-solve — as a community

When people facing health challenges, struggling with the unpredictability of a new baby, or burdened by the demands of caregiving connect with one another, remarkable things happen. They provide support, share ideas, and problem-solve. They bond as a community, and they also bond with the organization that brings them together — your hospital. 

As one online community member put it:  “I do not have any family support — physical or emotional. At times the isolation and the depression are too much to bear alone, and that’s when I cry a few tears. It is receiving support from this group that is my life line.”

What you will learn

Learn how HIPAA-compliant online patient communities connect people with people AND with your hospital to improve outcomes, reduce costs, increase patient satisfaction, and build loyalty. 

In this webinar you’re learn: 

  • Examples of online communities that are changing patients’ lives
  • Powerful techniques you can use to promote people-to-people interactions
  • 3 ways online communities can improve patient engagement 
  • 5 things you must know before you start an online community 

Even if you can’t attend, register for the webinar and we’ll link you to  a recording of the webinar that you can watch on your own schedule. 



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