Why are Hospitals Slow to Develop Online Patient Support Communities?

Jennings Principal Dan Dunlop, has written an insightful article that addresses the question: Why are hospitals slow to develop online patient support communities?

In Dan’s article, Paul Speyser of CareHubs identifies three key factors:

  • CEOs and other healthcare executives are already stretched thin by changes in the healthcare industry and therefore reluctant to add any new initiatives
  • Fears that these communities would be prohibitively expensive.
  • Concern and misunderstanding surrounding privacy and HIPAA.

Inspite of these concerns, Dan outlines some compelling benefits to participating in online patient support communities. 

It’s a good read.

The article, titled The Connected Patient: Information Currency in Online Communities, was published in eHealth Strategy and Trends. You can download a PDF of the article here.

photo credit Flickr: Redbraz

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