Evidence-based Cases Can Add Credibility to Healthcare Social Media

Reed Smith has a good idea. Actually, let’s call it an excellent idea.

Reed has launched the Social Health Institute, an organization whose mission is to “examine data from hospitals and healthcare organizations in such a way as to produce prescriptive processes to improve the use of social computing in healthcare.”

Reed is a social media consulting strategist and thought leader who focuses on incorporating interactive elements into current online strategies within hospitals and healthcare organizations. I first met Reed through the Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media, where he serves on the advisory board, and have been admiring his work for awhile.

“Much like medicine is taught, I think we can have an impact by using the idea of watch one, do one, teach one,” explains Reed. “The more evidence-based use cases we can show, the more credibility we can gain.”

In that spirit, Reed has released his first study, a look at Facebook statistics from 13 hospital systems, along with an infographic. You can read more details in his blogpost.

And there is more to come. Reed plans to take an analytical look at “iPad impact on the discharge process; Yammer used for shift change handoffs; location based marketing, and many many more.”

Which of these Facebook discoveries do you find most interesting?

Hospitals + Facebook Infographic by @ReedSmith

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