Boost Social Media Engagement by Keeping it Short

Chart from Track Social’s white paper: Optimizing Facebook Engagement

I recently downloaded a white paper by Track Social titled “Optimizing Facebook Engagement.”

Track Social is a large-scale social media analytics platform that monitors the social media presences of more than 10,000 brands on the major social media platforms. The white paper presents the results of a major study and gives 10 keys for optimizing Facebook engagement, including type of content, frequency of posts, post length, timing and content.

One of the findings that grabbed my attention was the impact length of post has on engagement. Notice the image at the beginning of this post. The study found that as the length of the Facebook post increased, engagement dropped significantly. The Facebook post most likely to generate engagement is under 140 characters. Read more

What Makes a Successful Hospital Facebook Page?

By one measure, Adam Lee runs one of the most successful hospital Facebook pages in the U.S., and he does it in just two to four hours a week.

Adam is social media coordinator for Adventist Medical Center in Portland, Oregon, and the measure is engagement. The Facebook page he manages consistently ranks in the top 5% of U.S. hospitals for engagement, according to the Ubicare EQ chart. (We’ve written before about Ubicare here and here.)

In a recent interview, Adam shared some important insights into how to build engagement. Some of his comments are edited for brevity. (You can follow Adam on Twitter at @AdamLeeDesign.)  Read more

Evidence-based Cases Can Add Credibility to Healthcare Social Media

Reed Smith has a good idea. Actually, let’s call it an excellent idea.

Reed has launched the Social Health Institute, an organization whose mission is to “examine data from hospitals and healthcare organizations in such a way as to produce prescriptive processes to improve the use of social computing in healthcare.”

Reed is a social media consulting strategist and thought leader who focuses on incorporating interactive elements into current online strategies within hospitals and healthcare organizations. I first met Reed through the Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media, where he serves on the advisory board, and have been admiring his work for awhile. Read more

Hospitals: Four Steps To Manage Your Social Media in 10 Hours a Week

If you have been half-heartedly dabbling in social media for your hospital or clinic, I have some important news for you: It’s time to get in or get out.

I understand that your day is already packed with too much to do, and that you’ve been trying to squeeze in social media wherever it will fit. But a sloppy approach to social media doesn’t help anybody. You’re never going to build the vibrant community you want, and it just feels crummy to know you’re doing sub-par work. Read more