My Favorite Hive Strategies Social Media Blogposts from 2011

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This is Hive Strategies blogpost number 188 for 2011. Last week I blogged about the top 10 most-visited Hive Strategies blogposts of 2011. This post focuses on my favorites from 2011. As I’ve skimmed through the year, these ten blogposts seem to capture the range of thinking from our team – some practical, some theoretical, some passionate.

Hope you find something here that sparks your interest and makes your social media efforts a little better in 2012.

Merriest of holidays to you all!

Lessons from dad

What my 83-year-old dad taught me about social media, by Jean Sandlin. A compelling story of why her father had a neighbor drive him 45 minutes to a distant hospital rather than take an ambulance to the hospital nearby – and what social media can do about it.

Avoid HIPAA violations

Understand the rules for a HIPAA-compliant social media strategy, by Dan Hinmon. This blogpost is by far the most read on our site. A solid, practical guide to avoiding HIPAA problems in social media, with many ideas contributed by legal expert David Harlow.

Help your patients keep their resolutions

A new years resolution your hospital can keep, by Kelly Merrick. People are tweeting and blogging about their new years resolutions, and many of them involve healthy habits. This blogpost explains how your hospital can ride the wave by incorporating healthy ideas in your social media efforts.

Using social media to transform

Look toward the light: Let bright spots direct your hospital social media efforts, by Megan Pugmire. Megan combines lessons from Switch and Half the Sky to identify inspiring, transformative actions that social media can facilitate in your hospital.

Oprah has a message, and it’s for you!

Social media lessons from Oprah: You have a calling, by Dan Hinmon. Oprah has a message, and it applies to social media. Read some secrets to Oprah’s success and glean three key takeaways from one of her final shows.

Digital storytelling and social media

Transforming social media through transformational stories, by Jean Sandlin. Jean makes an excellent case, with useful examples, for how to effectively incorporate digital storytelling into into healthcare social media

8 steps to successful social media

Eight essential steps before you launch your hospital’s social media strategy, by Dan Hinmon.  There are two schools of thought to implementing hospital social media. One says, “Jump in and get started. Learn along the way.” The other says, “Take some serious time to assess, plan and implement before you jump.” This blogpost promotes the “take some serious time” approach and outlines the eight steps we think are essential to successful social media.

Or – just jump in

What I wish I said about hospital social media at #HCOC11, by Dan Hinmon. This is a nice summary of some of the latest lessons in launching a social media strategy for hospitals (and an interesting counterpoint to the “8 essential steps…” advice).

Stories and science

The snowboarder’s brain: Stories and science make compelling hospital social media, by Megan Pugmire. Megan shares examples of how human stories and exceptional medical knowledge can go hand-in-hand with social media.

It’s not enough!

Why “Find us on Facebook” isn’t enough: Enticing your patients with benefits, by Kelly Merrick. Great practical advice that so many hospitals miss: Make sure you are telling your patients why it’s smart to follow or friend you, and watch your audience grow.

How we help

Hive Strategies helps health systems create HIPAA-compliant online communities for better health, lower costs and greater loyalty.

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