Year End Social Media Reflection: Visualize Who You Are

In many traditions, the end of the calendar year is a time to reflect and assess goals. Often we create new goals (New Year’s resolutions or strategic objectives) based on what we have or have not accomplished.

As you consider 2012 objectives for your hospital’s social media efforts, take a close look at your content.

Earlier this month, I followed a brief series of posts by Paul Levy who shared his readers’ Wordles – visual representations of text-based documents. The series began when one of his readers shared a Wordle she created from the mission statements from seven leading US academic medical centers. Read more

My Favorite Hive Strategies Social Media Blogposts from 2011

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This is Hive Strategies blogpost number 188 for 2011. Last week I blogged about the top 10 most-visited Hive Strategies blogposts of 2011. This post focuses on my favorites from 2011. As I’ve skimmed through the year, these ten blogposts seem to capture the range of thinking from our team – some practical, some theoretical, some passionate.

Hope you find something here that sparks your interest and makes your social media efforts a little better in 2012.

Merriest of holidays to you all! Read more

Authentic, like me: A key to successful hospital blogs

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As those of you who are regular readers of Hive’s blog may know, I’ve been writing my dissertation and plan to complete my doctoral program this spring (can you hear the sigh of relief from my husband and children!). My research deals with authenticity in blogs.

The more I study blogs, the more convinced I am that they are one of the most influential strategy tools for any organization, and have particular potential in healthcare and with hospitals. Read more

Readers’ Picks: Top 10 Hive Strategies Social Media Blogposts for 2011

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Our Hive Strategies team has been busy writing – and thinking – this year. This is our 186th blogpost in 2011.

I’m a big fan of blogging – even when I’m not doing it as consistently as I’d like. It helps me shape and test my ideas in ways that nothing else quite does. And writing a really good blogpost, one that I feel passionate about, feels so satisfying.

Our team has covered a lot of territory this year. Some of our blogs are practical, some inspirational, some informational and some even incredulous. There is a lot of information on this site. Read more

Health Games: Why Hospitals Should Play

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Last week I came across an interesting article (via Twitter) The Gamification of Healthcare and What it Means for Mobile by Michael Spitz.  It’s a comprehensive look at “gamification” and how it is being used in healthcare.

According to Spitz, gamification is the use of “game design techniques and mechanics to connect and engage with audiences in an otherwise non-gaming environment.” In his article, he makes the argument that the prevalence of mobile phones has shaped a landscape ripe for the gamification of healthcare, and gives examples of recent programs.

The topic of healthcare gamification is closely related to captology, (computers as persuasive technologies) and reminded me of a blog post I wrote on the subject based on B.J. Fogg’s book Persuasive Technology: Using Computers to Change What We Think and Do. Read more