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It’s Friday, and besides the glorious reality that the weekend has nearly arrived, that means it’s time for another list of articles you may have missed this past week. (Unless you looked for it last Friday and discovered that it was not here. Unfortunately, I was traveling last week and ran out of hours, and although that’s a lame excuse, it’s the best I’ve got.)

Hope you enjoy the list.

Help! My Groceries are Tweeting and They’re Terrible!

Finding your voice on Twitter can be tough. Am I being too conversational? Too stuffy? Can I use humor? Saracasm? Shall I tweet about my 4-year-old grand daughter? My trip to visit my parents? Share my frustrations or a funny thing that happened on the way to work today?

In this article by Chris Brogan, one of the real thought leaders in social media pulls tweets from the feeds of corporate food companies and analyzes them. Interestingly, I liked some he didn’t and wasn’t as excited about some as he was, which, in some ways, only added to my confusion.

The key point, however: Find your Twitter voice for YOUR hospital. At the very least, maintain an active account and don’t just talk about yourself all the time!

Did You Know You Can Create a Secret Facebook Group?

Neither did I. But this fascinating Social Media Examiner article by Phyllis Kare gives all the details. Just the thought of it makes the wheels start turning in my head. Wow, there are so many possible applications to hospitals. This step-by-step guide really answers a ton of questions.

Start a Health Online Community Just for Moms

I’m a big fan of niche marketing, and this article about Northwest Community Hospital’s successful launch of “nchbaby,” an online community for moms and moms-to-be, details a successful effort.

A lot of hospitals miss the boat by creating a hospital-wide Facebook page and expecting the community to be excited and active in the community. A better approach is to identify real healthcare communities of interest and create a way for them to talk to each other.

The article is by Christine Peisker, interactive media manager at Northwest Community Hospital, and appears on Ragan’s Health Care News Feed.

You’re the Entire Social Media Marketing Team: Now What?

For those of you who are going it alone at your hospital, here’s some timely advice from Lisa Barone at Outspoken Media. Lisa outlines six steps you can take to make sure your hospital’s social media efforts are successful, even if you are the only one making it work.

Infografic: What Does it Take to Be a Social Strategist?

With the booming market for social media employees, your career can go down two paths. One is the march towards the social media help desk, where you’re pretty much resigned to taking orders and doing whatever is asked of you. The other is the proud journey towards social media strategist, the valuable linchpin in your hospital’s social media efforts – the person who inspires, initiates and directs your strategy.

Here’s a helpful infographic from Voltier Creative found on Mashable that brings some interesting insights to your options. What can you do today to put yourself on track to become a social media strategist?

How we help

Hive Strategies helps hospitals engage patients through social media. We don’t manage social media. Instead, we help hospitals develop an effective social media strategy and mentor them through the implementation process. Read about our services. Start a conversation. Email us or call us at 503-472-5512.

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    This video shows how the Mainstream Media manipulates the minds of verots in this Country. Most politicians are bought and post-free for by the corporations. Like is shown here with Mitt Romney. They didn’t want to show you his thoughts on Universial Healthcare because they want you to either vote for him or Rick Perry. Rick Perry also wrote a encouraging message about Hillary Clintons Universial Healthcare Work out. Dont believe everything you hear about these Top Level Canidates.


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