Top Social Media Stories You May Have Missed This Week

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The social media wars have really heated up this week. Google+ and Facebook are battling it out David and Goliath style. Here are some articles about that (and a few other topics) that you might have missed this week.

Facebook Changes Again, Everything You Need to Know

Yesterday Facebook announced a number of dramatic changes to its pages, and this roundup by Mashable spells out the details. It’s clear that Facebook will continue to evolve, which means hospitals will need to pay attention to keep up.

Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook now has 800 million users, and most of them are active. The social network just saw a new record for the most visitors in one day: an eye-popping 500 million.

Google+ Now Open to Everyone, With New Features

Until this week, Google+ has been invitation only. But now the newest kid on the block opened to everyone. This article at Tom’s Guide gives the details. There are still no business pages, and I’ve written before about the value of a wait-and-see approach to Google+. But if you want to find out what all the fuss is, now’s your chance to open your personal account.

16 Flip Camera Interview Tips for Community Hospital Videos

Those handheld Flip or iPhone video cameras really can create some interesting, authentic videos, IF you pay attention to details. This article at Creative Triage has some great pointers for shooting videos your patients may want to share with their friends and families.

Look at This Graph – And Now Go on a Walk

Kaiser Permanente’s “Every Body Walk” campaign promotes health and fitness, and provides a very nice infographic. In this story at Ragan’s Health Care Communication News you can view the infographic and read about a great example of wellness marketing.

The Pivotal Role of Social Media in Patient Support

Dr. Kevin Pho manages one of medicine’s most popular blogs,, with as many as 90,000 unique visitors a month. He actively solicits guest blogs, and this article by Jennifer Sprung is a powerful reminder of how social media can help provide support for patients facing difficult diagnoses.

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