Read this E-book: “The Proven Path” by Richard Millington

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I’ve written before about the junkyard of forgotten hospital Facebook pages.

Your Facebook page is not just a social media replacement for your news releases and public relations announcements. If it doesn’t become a gathering place for conversations between patients, families and community members who share a common interest (or even more ideally, a common passion), you’re doomed. Read more

Where the Social Media Rubber Meets the Road

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For 21 years I’ve managed my own advertising and marketing firm. Then a year ago I launched Hive Strategies to help hospitals engage patients through social media.

That’s a lot of years advising, consulting and developing campaigns for someone else. Some would say that’s the easy way out. If what we develop or recommend for you doesn’t work out, it’s no harm to us. We move on, and you’re left holding the bag.

Well, that’s all about to change. It’s time for the rubber to meet the road, for the chickens to come home to roost and for me to put my money where my mouth is (or would that be someone else’s money?). Read more

The Potency of Print: A Social Media Strategy for Social Services

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If you read my blog posts on any regular basis, you’ll know I’m a social media advocate.

I share information that I hope will help hospital and clinic marketing directors persuade their “C-Suites” to begin adopting social media. I ferret out studies and statistics that shine a light on the expansion and adoption of social media in healthcare. I share information to help break the stereotype that social media is only a tool to engage the young and should be dismissed by hospitals because most patients are not.

Yesterday Pew Research Center published an interesting study that shines a light on how people access their news in an area of healthcare that local hospitals and clinics need to be especially concerned about – social services. Read more

Top Social Media Stories You May Have Missed This Week

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The social media wars have really heated up this week. Google+ and Facebook are battling it out David and Goliath style. Here are some articles about that (and a few other topics) that you might have missed this week.

Facebook Changes Again, Everything You Need to Know

Yesterday Facebook announced a number of dramatic changes to its pages, and this roundup by Mashable spells out the details. It’s clear that Facebook will continue to evolve, which means hospitals will need to pay attention to keep up. Read more

Uncertain News and Your Hospital’s Social Media Responsibility

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Here’s social media strategy that, at first glance, may appear to be contradictory or, at the very least, not a good use of hospital resources.

I suggest that as the availability of online healthcare news becomes more prevalent and the number of patients searching the Internet seeking healthcare news increases, hospitals should become MORE involved in aggregating and creating healthcare news outlets for their patients.

For example, I am suggesting that a Cancer Center aggregate and create a newsfeed, blog, Facebook page, Twitter feed or other news distribution mechanism. Read more