The Amazing Power of Simply Saying “I’m Sorry”

Sometimes you just mess up.

And when you do, it’s amazing how much power there is by simply saying, “I’m sorry.”

A few weeks ago I wrote here about a negative experience trying to download a free guide from a website.

The other day I received an e-newsletter from the firm. I suppose they added me to their subscriber list based on my unsuccessful attempt to download their guide. I was ready to unsubscribe, but decided that instead I would share my frustration with them.

So I sent them a simple note (“A recent blogpost I wrote re: my interaction with your firm might provide some interesting insight into your practices. Note the comments.”) with a link to the blogpost. A few hours later I received this response:


You make a very valid point, and I apologize for the way I may have come across. I didn’t intend to insult you. We’ve been ripped off in the past so we’re a bit sensitive to these types of requests. I agree your response is much more appropriate, and a good lesson going forward for me, pick up the phone if I have a question.

Again, I’m very sorry. I’ve attached the guide you had originally requested.



Nice. I feel much better.

Why did this work?

John combined a quick, genuine response with a fix to the problem – an excellent example of how to deal with negative comments.

The lesson? Every communication with every person in your community is a chance to help people feel better about you and your hospital. When you mess up, most of the time you can fix it by simply saying “I’m sorry.”


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