What Do You Hear When You Shut Out Digital Noise?

Endless Vistas


What do you hear when you shut out all the noise? No cel phone. No ipod. No Pandora. No news. No conversations. No Yammer. No questions. No computer. No email. No Angry Birds. No tweets. No blogposts. No likes. No metrics. No television. No Words with Friends. No sports. No NPR.  No watch.

I found out last week when I spent four isolated days at a remote fire lookout in Oregon’s Rogue River – Siskiyou National Forest. In a 16 X 16 room. Just me, a backpack, a sleeping bag, some food, 5 books, a pen, and two empty notebooks.

I wanted to make some important decisions about my personal, family and professional life.

What did I discover?

  • At 2 am, when it is pitch black, and you are all alone, and you think you hear someone creeping up the stairs to your lookout tower to attack you, you’re probably wrong.
  • Views of the Rogue River – Siskiyou National Forest are absolutely inspiring.
  • 16 hours a day under these conditions gives you A LOT of time to think.
  • Clarity and focus are amazing things.

I’ve returned with 50 pages of notes and a fistful of concrete steps to help hospitals embrace social media in better, more powerful ways. Keep your eyes on this website for details. And I’ve identified a dozen-and-a-half things to simplify and focus my life.

One of those things is a resolution to do it again next year. A break from digital noise truly is a beautiful thing.


How we help

Hive Strategies helps hospitals engage patients through social media. We don’t manage social media. Instead, we help hospitals develop an effective social media strategy and mentor them through the implementation process. Read about our services. Start a conversation. Email us or call us at 503-472-5512.

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