A Lesson for Physician Bloggers: Let Your Passion Show Through

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I read a blog post by Richard Young, MD, on the blog KevinMD last week that really stuck with me. The post is titled “Why I love being a family physician,” and it is genuinely heartwarming.

What I like most about physician and health care blogging is that in most blogs I can sense the author’s passion through the words he or she writes. Blogs like Seattle Mama Doc, 33 Charts and Reflections of a Grady Doc are just a few examples of physicians whose passion for their work and dedication to patients is clear in their blogs.

I encourage you to read the post by Dr. Young, and if you share the same view of your job as a health care provider, I suggest that you consider starting a blog so you can share your enthusiasm and passion for what you do too.

If you’re not sure what you would write about, take a few ideas from Dr. Young’s blog post. For example, he refers to helping a woman breath easier, delivering the baby of a woman he delivered 21 years earlier, working with a patient with chronic illness and telling a patient her cancer has returned. All of those experiences would make for a heartwarming blog post, and you can be sure I will now be a dedicated reader of his.

Blogging is about creating a community through the things you write, and if you can use your blog as a way to express the passion you have for your job, you will be extremely successful.


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  1. Kelly Merrick
    Kelly Merrick says:

    Hi Brittany,
    Thanks for the comment, and I agree. Passion is definitely essential in social media.


  2. Brittany at Sprout Social
    Brittany at Sprout Social says:

    Great post, Kelly! It’s always wonderful to find those blogs that inspire their readers.

    I think this can be applied to most any blog or social media campaign. Expressing your passion and enthusiasm shows your readers/patients/potential clients that you truly care about your work (and hopefully means you’ll provide better service).

    Brittany Morse
    Online Marketing, Sprout Social


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