Use Current Events to Inspire Your Hospital Blog

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Earlier this month in Nehalem, Oregon, a small town on the Oregon Coast, a family suffered one of the most traumatic events possible. Their son, just a few days shy of one years old, was killed by the family dog.

The article, which I read in The Oregonian, is devastating. The attack was completely unprovoked, and I can’t imagine the pain that the incident caused the family, especially since the dog had no prior record of violence.

As unfortunate as events like these are, they serve as important reminders for the rest of us, who hope to learn from them and to avoid them. Tragic events like this also make for effective blog content. Read more

Persuading Patients Through Computers: Exploring Captology in Healthcare

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Have you ever been driving and come upon a large digital sign that records and displays your speed? What happens? Well, if you’re like most people, you’ll slow up and make sure you are not exceeding the speed limit.

This is just one example of “captology” as explored in B.J. Fogg’s book, Persuasive Technology: Using Computers to Change What We Think and Do. “Captology,” is Fogg’s term for computer as persuasive technologies, and it explores the area where computers and persuasion overlap.

Captology recognizes our ability to use persuasive techniques in tandem with computers to potentially change people’s behavior, having real practical ramification in our technology-driven world. Read more

Brilliant hospital blog + no comments = ?

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Have you written a brilliant blog post, posted it to your website with great anticipation and waited breathlessly for responses to come pouring in, only to be disappointed by a lack of comments?

One of our clients recently expressed her fear that no one cared about her blog because she didn’t receive comments.

Well-known social media pioneer, writer, prolific tweeter and popular speaker Guy Kawasaki runs the Alltop website. A couple of weeks ago I discovered a fascinating infographic showing “the path to building trust online.” Read more

Hospitals: Just Say No to Google+

Google launched Google+ a few weeks ago as a serious competitor to Facebook. Ten million people signed on in the first two weeks! The social media world was in a flurry to receive invitations and chime in about the newest contender for social media stardom.

Social media guru Chris Brogan spent 250 hours immersed in Google+ and published a relatively brief (770 words), mostly positive summary on Forbes.

One of my favorite social media thinkers and prolific writers, Brian Solis, wrote 3,272 words analyzing Google+ on his blog. Read more

Finding the Right Community: What Social Media and the Kindle Have in Common

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A few weeks ago, I was given a Kindle as a gift, and at first I wasn’t too sure about it. As an avid reader, I enjoy holding a book, turning the pages and as odd as it may sound, even the smell a book has. And those are things a Kindle just can’t replace.

But to my surprise, I am enjoying it. It’s easy to read, small enough and light enough to stash in my purse, and I can store multiple books on it and switch back and forth as I please.

But as much as I am enjoying it, I have a friend who hates reading on her Kindle. She acknowledges that yes, it can be useful, but for her, nothing beats a real book, so therefore she has no interest in using hers. Read more