Healthcare Blogging Provides Transparency

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Over the years I’ve seen several less-than-impressive doctors. I’ve always received the care I needed but something about the process didn’t make me feel like I was my doctor’s primary focus, whether it was a rushed visit or a sense that they didn’t seem interested in my health. And, unfortunately, experiences like this can give you a jaded perspective of doctors.

The great news is that for every bad doctor, there are many more great ones. And, as I have written about before, I follow several physician blogs and what I like most about the blogs I read is that they give me insight into what it’s like to actually be a doctor. Read more

Opinions Can Open Doors to Your Hospital’s Social Media

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Amy Berman is a brave woman. She’s been diagnosed with Stage IV breast cancer and recently shared her opinion about a controversial drug in a Wall Street Journal editorial When Quality of Life is Especially Dear. Berman also blogs about her experience on HealthAGEenda ( (I found her post from Jan 11 particularly moving and informative.)

If it wasn’t for Berman’s letter to the editor in the Wall Street Journal, I would have missed her story and never discovered the HealthAGEenda blog. Berman’s willingness to share her opinion opened the door for me to a dynamic social media site focusing on geriatric health and introduced me to the mission of The John A. Hartford Foundation—to support efforts to improve health care for older Americans.

Read more

Seeking Solace: I’m Unplugged and Off the Social Media Grid

Fire Lookout

I’ve written in this space before about social media information overload and the fight to manage all the noise in today’s digital world. This week I’m taking it to the extreme.

Today I’m fulfilling a decades-old wish and heading to a remote fire lookout tower in SW Oregon. I’m unplugging and going off the grid for five days!

No electricity and no plumbing. No blogging, no Twitter, no Facebook, no YouTube, no websites, no email, no iPhone, no MacBook. Just endless vistas of the Rogue River Valley. What’s more, I’m going all by myself. Read more

Download Twitter: A Guide for Hospitals

Our latest e-book from Hive Strategies is out! Twitter: A Guide for Hospitals.

This informative e-book is great for hospital marketing directors and business development managers who are launching social media efforts. It starts by asking, What is Twitter? and helps you decide if Twitter is right for you.

Then our Twitter guide outlines steps for implementing your Twitter account, customizing your Twitter page, choosing your tracking software, sending your first tweets, and finding people to follow. Read more

Why “Find us on Facebook” isn’t Enough: Enticing Your Patients with Benefits

You can see the prompts “Follow us on Twitter!” “Friend us on Facebook!” and “Visit our YouTube Channel!” just about everywhere these days. They’re on commercials, in newspaper and magazine ads, and they’re on websites, brochures, you name it. So think about this: when was the last time you visited a business or organization’s Facebook/Twitter/YouTube page simply because you saw the small icons in those places?

If you’re like me, you haven’t. Read more