A Kinder, Gentler “Engage or Die” for the C-Suite

In one of my previous blog posts, I talked about how to use the familiarity of public relations to nudge hesitant CEOs into social media.

I know some of you have had more success than others. If you are still lobbying (and because about ¾ of you hospitals are still not using social media, I know you are out there!) and don’t feel like you have the type of C-Suite relationship where you can utter Brian Solis’ fight song for social media, “Engage or Die!” then you might want to try passing along a link to Erik Qualman’s kindler, gentler four-minute video (or show it at your next meeting).

Erik Qualman, author of Socialnomics, posted this refreshed video a few days ago, documenting, once again, the fast-moving social media landscape. He’s also listed the sources of the statistics and information he used to create the video, so you can prepare a handy “cheat sheet” for the C-Suite.

Qualman’s video achieves the right balance for the C-Suite – hard facts and a sense of urgency. It’s the kind of straightforward information that might just be persuasive enough to make your hospital counted as number 966th on Ed Bennett’s Hospital Social Network List.


How we help

Hive Strategies helps hospitals engage patients through social media. We don’t manage social media. Instead, we help hospitals develop an effective social media strategy and mentor them through the implementation process. Start a conversation. Email us or call us at 503-472-5512.

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