Twitter Search Part 2: 3 Third-Party Applications to Find and Be Found on Twitter

Last week I covered some ways to be found on Twitter by using Twitter features. Today I am going to focus on some third-party applications that will also help you find others and be found.

If you do a quick Google search for third-party applications for searching Twitter, you’ll find about two dozen of them. However, they’re not all created equally, so I’ve compiled a list of my three favorite applications to help you sort through them to find the best ones. Read more

Can Hospitals’ Social Media Help Docs Achieve the Information Sweet Spot?

When a physician’s blogpost is still getting comments and tweets 7 months after its posting, you know it has struck a chord with many in the medical field. That’s the case for Dr. Howard Luks’ “Graphic Depiction of a Common Doctor’s Dilemma.”

In it, Dr. Luks grapples with the question of how much information to share with patients about their diagnoses. Share too little, and the patient is confused; share too much and the patient is confused. How does a doc find that sweet spot of understanding? Read more

Social Media Lessons from Oprah: You Have a Calling

I’ll start by saying I’m not an Oprah fan. Don’t take that wrong. It’s not that I don’t like Oprah. It’s just that I’m not a fan. I’ve never watched her show, and honestly I’ve been genuinely concerned about the state of mind of anyone who publishes a magazine with a picture of herself on every cover every month.

Actually, over the years I have gleaned a few tidbits from the supermarket tabloids. Oprah battles weight gain. She has frequently been close to death or bankrupt. And, oh yes, Steadman is an alien (I think). But you who follow her already knew that. Read more

Twitter Search Part 1: Twitter Features That Let Others Find You

For hospitals, the most important aspect of a Twitter account is having an audience. But with so many people out there, how do you go about finding that audience?

Luckily, Twitter has methods in place to help you attract followers. And because those options are not always immediately clear, I am going to give you a brief overview of a few Twitter features that will help other users find your hospital. Read more

Transforming Social Media Through Transformational Stories

Cindy Lollar has a lot of information on what your options are when diagnosed with stage III ovarian cancer because she researched those options relentlessly when her mom was diagnosed.

But more important than her knowledge of treatment options is her insights of how a serious diagnosis can impact family members, and she shares those in a touching and warm digital story in her own called Deep Water. Her story (which is also on The National Cancer Institute’s coping with cancer webpage) was created at a workshop facilitated by the Center for Digital Storytelling. Read more