Don’t Let Negative Comments Get You Down: Download or Order Our Free Guide

When you open up listening channels, such as social platforms or blog comments, there will come a time when you receive negative comments. It’s inevitable. But there are ways to minimize the impact of those negative comments and even turn them into a positive impression for your hospital.

Don’t let the fear of negative comments keep you from enjoying the rich rewards available to hospitals participating in social media.

We’ve written many times about how fear of negative comments is one of the top concerns hospitals have when starting a social media account.

Those negative comments, however, are valuable. A decade ago, when your patients had a negative experience they would tell 10 or 15 of their friends or family members. Today, they’re blogging, posting and tweeting to hundreds and thousands. Wouldn’t you rather provide an opportunity for them to tell you so that you can do something about it?

To help, we’ve created a step-by-step guide to responding to negative tweets or comments. It’s called Negative Comments in Social Media: How to Take Action, and you can download it here.

But there’s more. In addition to the option of downloading our flowchart, we’ll also send you a print version for free. You can hang it in your office and refer to it when that dreaded negative comment does happen.

To request your free Negative Comments in Social Media: How to Take Action flow chart, e-mail us. Just include your name, organization and address and we’ll make sure you get your copy right away. (And we promise we’ll never share or sell your contact information.)

When you are prepared to respond to negative comments, you’ll be well on your way to building stronger, more meaningful relationships with your patients, their families and your community.

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