“I Think I Can, I Think I Can:” Getting Past The Fear of Posting Your First Blog

If you have kids or know any, you probably know the story of The Little Engine That Could—a little engine who is asked to pull a big engine over a large hill and succeeds by telling himself “I think I can, I think I can.”

When you first start a blog for your hospital or clinic, you may feel overwhelmed, like starting a blog is too big a hill to climb. Even if you’re familiar with blogging, there is still a lot to learn. There are a lot of unknowns—such as how to format your blog, how to write the right headline and the big question of, “Will anyone even read my blog?”

But like anything new, there’s a learning curve. For example, when you start a new job, chances are you don’t know everything about doing that job right away. But, after a while, you get the hang of it and now it’s hard to remember that there was a point where you floundered.

That’s what blogging is like. At first you’ll be overwhelmed with everything you need to learn, but then you’ll get the hang of it. I promise. Here is one simple tip I am going to give you to help you on your way:

Just do it.

The easiest way to get over your fear of posting your first blog is to…post your first blog! Don’t worry about how perfect the formatting is, or if the photo you chose was the right one or if there might be a typo, just remember you’re not writing a college paper. While it is important to use proper grammar and spell things correctly, your goal is to connect with readers, and chances are they will not mind (or maybe not even notice) if there is a misplaced comma.

So, if you are nervous about starting your blog, just tell yourself that you can do it. Because you can, and your hospital will be better off because of it.


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