Babbling Babies: Using Viral Videos to Drive Traffic to Your Hospital’s Facebook Page

Babbling twin babies Sam and Ren

If you haven’t seen the video of the adorable 17-month-old twins Sam and Ren, also known as the “babbling twins, ” that has gone viral on the web in the last week or so, I recommend watching it before you continue reading this post.

I think it’s adorable and fascinating to watch these two little boys engaging in what looks like a really fun (and real) conversation. The video has garnered more than 16 million views on Youtube, and has been the subject of discussion on several morning talk shows, no doubt stealing the hearts of anyone who watched, including yours truly.  Since the video went viral, I’ve seen several articles online about baby babble and what sort of development, if any, is occurring when two toddlers interact in such a way. One such discussion took place on the Children’s Hospital Boston pediatric health blog that discusses the science behind the babbling babies. Not only do they link to the video of the twins and write a lengthy blog post about the science behind babbling, but they also provide a call to action inviting readers to visit their Facebook page and post their best video caption or translation for the video. And the best part? They didn’t produce the video themselves, they simply imbedded a YouTube video.

The result? It got more than 40 comments and was shared directly from the article by readers 69 times.

What Children’s Hospital Boston did here was provide a great example of how a hospital can use pop culture to their advantage, driving traffic from their website and blog to their Facebook account.

It impresses me that the social media marketing staff reacted to the video sensation quickly enough to add a special section to their Facebook page within one day of it becoming so popular. And while you won’t be able to capitalize on every viral video that comes across your screen, it is a good reminder that what you can use to engage your fans can be entertaining and educational.

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  1. Kelly Merrick
    Kelly Merrick says:

    Hi Nancy, I completely agree. It’s definitely a good idea to post features that fans will want to post to their wall and share with their friends. Then they will interact with your hospital just like they interact with their friends on Facebook!

  2. Nancy Cawley Jean
    Nancy Cawley Jean says:

    We also posted this wonderful video on the Hasbro Children’s Hospital Facebook page. It definitely started some discussion, and it’s always the type of thing we look for to increase engagement. Because without engagement, there’s no point in having a page!


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