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If you manage a blog for your hospital, there are bound to be times you Just.Can’t.Think.Of.Anything.To.Write. It’s completely natural, because while you have countless experiences throughout the day, it’s often hard to know what your readers will be interested in, well, reading.

This week I did a little searching for new healthcare blogs I haven’t yet discovered.  And wow, did I find some great ones! I’ve compiled a list of some great blogs written by patients, physicians and CEOs. 

Hopefully they will help inspire your blog content. If nothing else, at least they’ll entertain you, and some of them will probably make you cry.

Patient/Family blogs

When Life Hands You a Broken Heart, Create Hope

This blog is written by a young mother, Stefenie, whose toddler son Logan suffers from many heart defects, conditions that took her from a full-time career woman to a full-time caretaker. It’s heartwarming to read her stories and to see pictures of her sweet little boy who has endured more open-heart surgeries than most adults.

Gastrically Changed
This blog is inspirational, to say the least. It’s written by a 30-something (I think) woman named Kristen who had gastric bypass surgery February of 2010. The blog is packed with stories of her post-surgery life, including her insecurities with her new, skinnier body, and her desire to help others who are considering gastric bypass surgery.

James’ Project
Started in honor of a little baby named James, who died in infancy as a result of many medical errors, this blog raises awareness of pediatric care in the United States. It is full of patient care stories and is truly heartwarming.

Physician blogs

Reflections of a Grady Doc
Perhaps my new favorite physician blog, Reflections of a Grady Doctor is a blog written by a doctor who works in a public hospital in Atlanta, Georgia. It is full of hilarious stories about her children, but also about what she encounters on a daily basis while on rotation. A definite must-read, especially this post.

The Singing Pen of Doctor Jen
I love the contrast between medicine and personal life in this blog. Written by Jennifer in Maryland, her blog chronicles her life as a faculty member at a large family medicine residency program. She is extremely honest about what she encounters in her job, something I don’t often see in physician blogs.

CEO blogs

Hospital Life: Life, Work and Everything in Between
I’m always pleased when I discover a blog by a CEO, and even more pleased when I find one I enjoy. This blog is written by Marty Bonick, President and CEO of Jewish Hospital Medical Campus in Louisville, Kentucky. Bonick’s blog is thoughtful, educational and fun to read.

Doing Common Things Uncommonly Well
This blog is written by Anna Roth, CEO of Contra Costa Regional Medical Center and Health Centers/Fellow Institute for Healthcare Improvement. She has managed her blog since 2008, and puts an incredible amount of thought into her blog topics. They include national, local and personal stories that really educate the reader.

I hope you found these blogs as compelling as I do, and hopefully they will help to cure some of that writer’s block you may have. Just remember to make your blog authentic, because when you write what you know, you’ll be a lot more successful.

Do you have any healthcare blogs you love to read? Share them here!


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4 replies
  1. Dr. M
    Dr. M says:

    Kelly, I thank you for your kind words. Knowing that anyone other than my sisters and my parents read my blog truly warms my heart.

    The author Toni Morrison was once asked what made her write her first book, The Bluest Eye–to which she answered, “So I could read it.” I think that resonates with me. Every laugh and every lesson that I write about is one that I need personally. What a joy to know that I am not alone.


  2. Anna Roth
    Anna Roth says:

    Thank you for your generous comments about my blog. I’m glad you found it of interest.

    I have had the opportunity to read some of your posts and browse your website and it’s fantastic! I particularly like your Core Values and your clear application of those in your work.

    Thank again,

  3. Kelly Merrick, Social Media Mentor
    Kelly Merrick, Social Media Mentor says:

    Hi Stefenie! You are very welcome. It’s a great blog, and I was so touched by your family’s story. I wish you the best.

  4. Stefenie
    Stefenie says:

    Wow! Thank you for sharing the link to my blog. I just googled my own blog to see what popped up and I found the link to your site. It means a lot that you felt my blog was inspiring and wanted to share it with others. Thank you again!


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