Bridging the Social Media Gap: Lessons from an ATM

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My first job out of college was working in the advertising/marketing department of a financial institution. Now this is dating myself, but the big push the year I joined was to convince customers to use the ATM.

We designed a campaign during which we ordered an ATM card for each customer. When customers came in the office to conduct business that could easily be done via ATM, the teller or other trained personnel marched them outside with their shiny new ATM card in hand and gave them one-on-one instruction.

Once customers saw the ease and the time-saving nature of the ATM, they continued to use it – especially on traditionally busy Friday afternoons! The bank benefited, the customers benefited. It was a win-win. Resource-savings for the bank, time-savings for the customer.

Now, fast forward 25 years to your patients and social media. Do your patients and staff know what social media tools your hospital offers and how to access them?  How are you bridging the gap between the physical patient experience and their digital experience?

3 Campaign Ideas to Connect Staff, Patients and Social Media

What campaigns can you design or practices can you employ that help both patients and staff recognize how they can benefit from your social media tools?  Here are a few examples to consider:

  • Do the practitioners who teach your birthing classes know that your hospital offers pre-registration on-line and a 24/7 chat room moderated by birthing center staff for expecting and new parents? Can instructors take a few minutes from their classes to review what information is available on line and demonstrate how to access it?
  • Do mammogram patients know that they can sign-up for an email reminder for their next annual appointment?  Can you make a computer terminal available for them as they check out so they can sign up and opt-in to the reminder service?
  • Can a sticker be developed and attached to each medication sent home with patients to let them know about the medication directory they can access through your hospital’s website where they can get complete information on their new medication? Consider printing a QR code directly on the sticker to make it easier to locate the site.

Building a bridge to the physical patient experience and the digital experience will help you increase your hospital’s social media tools adoption rates by patients who otherwise might not be aware of or comfortable with a digital experience.


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