Use Your Hospital’s Facebook Page to Connect with Patients in Bad Weather

It snowed here in beautiful McMinnville, Oregon, yesterday, which prompts me to give you some ways you can use your Facebook account to connect with patients during times of inclement weather.

When it snows in communities not used to regular snowfall (or even where it does snow regularly), chaos is bound to happen. People may fall when walking on icy and snow-covered sidewalks, get into car accidents or go on outdoor adventures and risk frostbite or hypothermia.

That’s why Facebook is great for emergency room updates. You can post updates on your page to let patients know what the average wait time is. That way, they can decide if they need to visit the ER or if they can wait it out. If your hospital is part of several affiliate hospitals, or if you have a nearby urgent care center, you can suggest to your visitors that they try those other options if the wait is long.

It’s also a good resource for safety in the snow. You can post tips for keeping warm, how to shovel your walkway without injuring your back, or staying safe while sledding. While this information may not be directly related to services provided at your hospital, it does demonstrate to your readers that you care about them and want them to be safe.

Encourage your patients to check your Facebook page for office closure announcements. You can direct patients from the hospital’s web site to your Facebook page for a complete list of clinics that have either changed their hours or closed due to the weather.

Now I want to hear from you! How has your hospital used Facebook to communicate with patients during inclement weather?

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