Three Keys to Priceless Social Media Content

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Congratulations. You’ve started engaging your patients through social media.You’ve established a hospital blog, Twitter account and Facebook page. You’ve developed an editorial calendar so that you have a plan for updating your content regularly.

It’s time now for a reality check. How are you doing on your content?

Here are 3 ways to make sure that your content really resonates.

It’s not about you.

Sure, you may want to make sure the word gets out about the next physician lecture, or remind patients to have an annual mammogram, or announce the new manager in the emergency department. But step back and ask, “Does this really matter to my patients?”

Be passionate.

If it really does matter – or if it really should matter – to your patients, then tell it with passion. Let them know why it’s so important. Use active voice and throw in a few of the right adjectives. We’re not talking about hype here. Just put a little passion into it.

Drop the marketing/pr speak.

Social media is all about conversations. If you hear an announcer in your head when you read your message, you’ve got it wrong. If it sounds like you’re talking to your mother or a friend, you’re doing it right.

And one more thought.

Marketing guru Seth Godin reminds us that the value of what we do becomes priceless if it is irreplaceable and essential. That’s a very high bar for a tweet or blogpost. But if you keep that in mind while you’re developing your content, it will push you to accomplish more – and build those strong, trusting relationships with your patients that lie at the heart of social media.

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