Reason #2,382 for Your Hospital to Embrace Social Media

Well, I am exaggerating a bit. We haven’t really listed 2,382 previous reasons why your hospital should embrace social media. But a search of the web could produce at least that many.

It’s simply becoming more and more clear every day that hospitals and social media are a perfect match. Recently one more reason came to my attention.

We all know that women are the prime movers when it comes to healthcare. We were reminded of that again this week while helping a client develop some content focused on colon cancer and the importance of colonoscopies.

We interviewed a 59-year-old man who finally had a colonoscopy after his wife absolutely insisted. The gastroenterologist discovered – and removed – a 1.3 cm polyp. Without the colonoscopy, the husband would most likely have died of colon cancer within four years.

How many ways can you say thank you to a wife who saves your life?

Now, since you want to influence those amazing, life-saving women, where do you go to do it? Here is the fact: More than half of all American women participate in social media at least once a week, and younger women use it the most.

Ethan Bloch of Flowtown has created a great infographic that shows how women leverage the social web, which sites they use, how much and why they participate.

Some of the details:

  • 53% of adult females use social media at least on a weekly basis.
  • Top interests are entertainment, food, health/wellness, and recipes/cooking. Fashion/beauty/shopping comes in fifth.
  • 34% of women use social networks to get information, while 20% of women are looking for advice and recommendations.

What social networks are they going to, and where are they getting advice and recommendations on healthcare in your community?

It’s going to take you six to twelve months to prepare to launch an effective social media strategy. If you haven’t started planning to embrace social media yet, start laying the groundwork today, before all those women start engaging with a different hospital.

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