Don’t Let Fears of Negative Comments Paralyze Your Social Media Plans

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I met with a client’s HIPAA officer recently, and talk turned to hospital Facebook pages. The corporate parent of this hospital has not yet approved use of Facebook pages. Apparently, one of their major concerns is the risk of negative comments.

You might be facing similar questions as you consider the use of Facebook pages for your hospital. Here are three key ideas to address this fear:

  • A quick review will show that very few comments on hospital Facebook pages are negative. Considering all the discomfort, pain and difficulties that can occur in hospitals, it’s surprising that there aren’t more.
  • If your patients are unhappy about something, they’re going to tell someone. Isn’t it better you hear it directly from them? Give them a venue to express their frustrations. Then respond appropriately as quickly as possible, and you may have turned a negative into a positive. You can’t fix something if you don’t know it’s broken.
  • Remember the telephone. Imagine a discussion a hundred years ago about the risks of installing telephones in hospitals. Did someone say, “Why do we want a telephone when it only provides a way for our patients to complain?” The power and possibilities of marketing your services through social media are much, much bigger than the potential risk of negative comments.

For details about how to respond to negative comments once they crop up in your social media platforms, download our free position paper.

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      Dan Hinmon, Principal says:

      Thanks for pointing that out, Katie. It’s fixed now. You can download this and other Hive Strategies e-books by following the free position paper link.


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