100 Hospital Social Media Blog Posts: Our Favorites Revealed!

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Today marks the 100th blog post for Hive Strategies. That’s pretty puny compared to Seth Godin, best-selling author and agent of change, who has published more than 3,000 blog posts.

But still, we’re feeling pretty good about it. Why? Because blogging is helping us fine-tune our thinking and share important, sometimes critical, information. We hope it is helping you as you work your way through the often overwhelming and confusing maze of hospital social media.

Godin and respected business author Tom Peters praise blogging in this short (1:38) video clip. In fact, says Peters, “no single thing in the last 15 years professionally has been more important to my life than blogging. It has changed my life.”

This benchmark has caused us to reflect on our favorite posts. I’ve asked our team to identify their favorites and provide a brief explanation. Hope you enjoy.

Kelly Merrick, Social Media Mentor

“How Social Media Can Help Your Patients Understand the Value of Care”

I like this blog post because social media marketing is about providing value. It’s a great way to provide resources for patients, promote services and, most importantly, create relationships and foster two-way communication. But if you don’t also position yourself as knowledgeable about what you are providing your patients, it won’t matter what you say because they won’t listen.

“With Social Media, Bad News Travels…Instantly”

This post is one of my favorites because…it’s true! I was really frustrated with the experience I had and, if I were just a regular patient, I could have told thousands of people what happened. The hospital and my clinic would never have known. That’s an important reality for hospitals to understand but to not be afraid of.

Megan Pugmire, Creative Director

“Seattle Mama Doc Knows Best”

I like this post because I felt like I provided some specific, useful information about where to get inspiration for blog writing and the qualities of a good blog. I follow Seattle Mama Doc regularly and appreciate her content and thoughtfulness.

“Design Matters

This post reflects some of my deeply held beliefs. I feel strongly that design is important – and too often overlooked.

Jean Sandlin, Senior Strategist

“The Violin in the Subway: Framing Your Hospital Through Social Media.”

My whole career is based on the belief that how we frame messages is important, and Megan captured that message by telling a compelling story and backing it up with research. Showing the parallel between framing and web context was inspired…and Megan’s post was inspiring.

“The Story of the Stork who Skyped”

I liked this post because it’s a great demonstration of how “humanizing” technology can be. I often hear the criticism of how our society is changing (for the worse) because of technology; but stories like this and the very solid research documenting the benefits of social media for cancer patients and others, illustrate the positive impact of technology. We need to do a better job telling the story of how technology can be humanizing, and this example actually brought tears to my eyes.

Dan Hinmon, Principal

“What Macy’s Santa Can Teach Us About Social Media”

Our Hive core values really resonate with me, and I liked this opportunity to remind readers about one of the most important values – be generous – at Christmas time. Besides, I really love this movie. And I do believe in miracles.

“Understanding the Rules of a HIPAA-Compliant Social Media Strategy”

This post resulted from my own frustrating search to find clear, authoritative guides on implementing social media for hospitals without violating HIPAA rules. Many hospitals are having a hard time getting over this hurdle. I finally discovered some great information from David Harlow and a few other credible authors. Others must have been hungry for quality information on this subject as well,  since this post has received the most interest of any of our posts.

Do you agree? What are some of your favorites from our first 100 posts?

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