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Hospitals can have fun with social media, right?

In between your announcements of physician lectures, mammogram and immunization reminders, quiz questions, latest treatment news, and new staff introductions, give your patients/followers/subscribers/likers a chance to laugh. Read more

Use Your Hospital’s Facebook Page to Connect with Patients in Bad Weather

It snowed here in beautiful McMinnville, Oregon, yesterday, which prompts me to give you some ways you can use your Facebook account to connect with patients during times of inclement weather.

When it snows in communities not used to regular snowfall (or even where it does snow regularly), chaos is bound to happen. People may fall when walking on icy and snow-covered sidewalks, get into car accidents or go on outdoor adventures and risk frostbite or hypothermia. Read more

100 Hospital Social Media Blog Posts: Our Favorites Revealed!

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Today marks the 100th blog post for Hive Strategies. That’s pretty puny compared to Seth Godin, best-selling author and agent of change, who has published more than 3,000 blog posts.

But still, we’re feeling pretty good about it. Why? Because blogging is helping us fine-tune our thinking and share important, sometimes critical, information. We hope it is helping you as you work your way through the often overwhelming and confusing maze of hospital social media. Read more

Step #5: Be Realistic When Assessing Resources for Implementing Hospital Social Media

This blog is part five of an eight-part series on launching your hospital’s social media strategy.

Confession: I was once an egregious over-committer. One of the strongest traits of my character is that I fall hopelessly in love with a lot of things and I don’t want to be without any of them. So, instead of risking missing something, I tried to do everything. You can imagine how well that went. Or how my husband felt about all these jumbled passions vying for my time. “Honey, I auditioned for a play!”

One of my great adult life lessons, much to my chagrin, is to be realistic. Which often means saying “no.” Or, at least, “not now.” Or, sometimes even, “If I say yes, my husband will give me that look…”

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Hospital CEOs: Tough Talk on Social Media

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Okay, Mr. or Mrs. Hospital CEO. It’s time to man up. We know you’re afraid of social media. But it’s time to drag that bogeyman out of the closet and take a cold hard look at him in the light of day. What exactly are you afraid of? Come on, say it. Read more